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27 Actually Useful Gift Ideas That Outdoor Families Will Love

Do you have a jet setting family member who doesn’t return texts when you ask what to get them for their birthday or holidays? We know all about that daughter, or brother, or grandson… because we are guilty as charged. Geeze, Mom, stop texting! It’s hard to think of gift ideas when I’m building fires or climbing trees with the kids! If you or a family member need holiday gift ideas for outdoor families read along. We’ve done some asking for ya!

In addition to having a personal bias, we posted to several adventure travel message boards to see what other families either really want or just can’t live without. Below are the top results of our survey along with a few things that we either own and love or want.

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Travel Tips

Baby’s First Flight

The first flight with your baby can make even the most seasoned traveler more than a little anxious. We have pulled together our best tips from short and long haul flights around the U.S. and across the world into this detailed guide for traveling with a baby. From the must-pack items, on-flight entertainment hacks, and all the gear you should leave at home, we have you covered! 

We weren’t always such confident pros! But after three kids and dozens of flights we have come a long way! Our third baby had his first international trip planned while he was still cooking on the inside!

Alright, let’s get to the big questions and then break down gear specific recommendations once we have you convinced that you CAN do this! 

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Your perfect 3-day Boulder itinerary with kids

If you plan on spending a few days in Boulder with your 5-year-old, you can do what I did and call your sister who lives in Boulder for an itinerary, or you can keep reading because I did all that work for you.  We’ve put together the perfect 3-day Boulder itinerary with kids.

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Boulder, CO travel tips with kids

For an action-packed, sun-drenched adventure with your little ones that mixes in kid-friendly adulting at craft breweries, look no further than Boulder, Colorado.  Read along for Boulder travel tips with kids followed by the perfect 3 days Boulder itinerary with kids. Crafted for me by a local. Tested and approved by my son.

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