About FivePax

Hello there, we’re the Barons, welcome to FivePax!

FivePax is a family travel blog about everyday moments of our lives as an endlessly on-the-go family of 5.  We spent the last decade traveling the U.S. and the world while hustling and loving life in NYC before COVID changed everything.  In the span of 4 days we started working remote and packed our family to live nomadically for 8 months before heading for the mountains.  We are currently in Colorado living for each moment. No matter where we call home we are excited to share with you our stories and lessons we are learning along the way in our endless quest to maximize our kids’ exposure to culture, history, and nature across the U.S. and around the world!

A bit more about us:

Brittany Baron Headshot

Brittany, “the mom”, is a freelance education consultant and former corporate relations director. After a decade of working in education and university corporate relations, Brittany now spends her days homeschooling, baking, drinking coffee, crocheting, hiking, and kiddo chasing. And at night she can be found working on all-things FivePax while drinking tea and eating all of the leftover baking treats. In addition to writing content and managing social media, Brittany is the activity captain and budget minder of this operation.

Mike Baron Headshot

Mike, “the dad”, is a software engineering director at NYU, lover of pizza and Cleveland sports, the master planner behind our adventures, and the photographer behind the camera.  Mike works closely with the study abroad and portal campuses so he travels a bit for work. He has a great network of friends around the globe that we tap into frequently for the blog and our own travels.

Zeke, Lincoln, and Rowan

Linc, Row, and Zeke, “the Baron Boys”, aged 2 to 7 are the inspiration and motivation for just about everything FivePax but most certainly our shift from a city hustle to life in the mountains. They are wild and silly and as different in personality as they are similar in looks. They are most definitely happiest when they are covered in dirt and eating snacks perched on a log in the woods.

Special thank you to Lisa Joy Photography for the head shots and incredible family photos on this page.