New York City

New York City is a bucket list destination for many.  For us, it is the place we have called home for the past 9 years.  All three of our boys were born in Manhattan.  We like to tell family and friends from our hometowns in the Midwest, however, that we have been tourists in the greatest city in the world for this entire time.

It is impossible to digest everything New York City has to offer families in one visit, whether it be three days, a week, or 9 years, but we’ve done our best to highlight what we have learned in our time here.  We’ve curated countless itineraries and tips that we’ve sent to family and friends to inform the content linked from this page.

Before diving into our links, a few mind boggling facts:

  • Over 8 Million people call New York City home.  This means that roughly 1 in every 38 people in the United States of America live here.
  • The oldest building in New York City, called Wyckoff Farm, dates back to 1642.
  • New Yorkers speak approximately 800 different languages, with over 37% of New Yorkers born in another country.  Queens, in fact, is the most diverse urban area in the world.
  • Lombardi’s Pizza, featured in our Kid Friendly Restaurants post, is the oldest pizzeria in the United States.
  • The Empire State Building has its own zip code: 10118
  • If the state of Texas were as densely populated as NYC, it would fit the entire human race.

Whether you’re just intrigued by New York City or actively planning a trip, we hope you find our content useful.  If you have any questions, please reach out!

Our boys at Pier 25
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Top 15 cheap activities with kids in NYC

As you plan your big trip to NYC you are no doubt wondering if the city will be welcoming and accommodating toward your little ones. Millions of kiddos are being raised in NYC but to an outsider finding the BEST and cheap kid-friendly activities will take a little digging. Being from the Midwest and raising three kids in the city we are bringing the honest info you need to make this a great trip. Here in this top 15 list, we have included the usual suspects with added kid-specific visiting tips and included a few lesser-known spots where actual New Yorkers entertain their kids! All of these events are cheap or free and we have indicated the best age for your enjoyment. 

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Rockettes Christmas Spectacular with Kids

Since 1933 families have been enjoying the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. The iconic theatre, mesmerizing synchronized dancing, a live-animal nativity, and Santa Claus himself round out a truly magical childhood experience for the holidays. After nearly a decade in NYC we finally checked off this bucket-list item ourselves this year. And as always did the research to bring you a complete guide for an amazing experience seeing the Rockettes with your kids. From where to buy tickets, the best seats in the house, and local good eats for before or after the show, this guide covers it all.

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Times Square
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How to get from JFK to Times Square, or anywhere near Midtown Manhattan

Getting from JFK to Times Square (or anywhere near Midtown such as the Port Authority Bus Terminal) can seem like an overwhelming first task in the city that never sleeps. To ease the stress, we are here to tell you that the voyage is actually quite easy. To make it even easier, I compiled a step by step visual guide to get you from JFK to Times Square. As a local, I answer this exact question literally multiple times per day so I finally spent a weekend visiting each terminal collecting good visual cues to make it easy.

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Gifts for outdoor families under the Christmas tree
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Essential Guide for a Magical Christmas in New York City with Kids

A trip to New York City in the winter is quite possibly the best time to visit and at Christmas, it truly is quite magical. Sure it’s quite crowded and a bit cold but it is also quite crowded in the summer, fall and spring! It’s NYC we have a lot of people and tourists here! To make the most of your holiday visit to enjoy Christmas in NYC, we have pulled together our top tips and favorite winter fun-time activities for small children to ensure you hit the most popular family destinations but don’t lose the magic due to overwhelming crowds and cold little fingers and toes. 

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Rockaway is the best baby and toddler friendly beach in New York City

New York City in the summertime is hot.  Between the humidity and the heat, it can get downright oppressive. Mingled into most plans for a week in NYC is a trip to Coney Island, which is totally worth it, but the beach there can be a bit suffocating with the crowd.  An alternative to Coney Island is Rockaway in Queens. Rockaway is a local favorite, and in my opinion the best baby and toddler friendly beach in NYC. Brittany and I bring our family to Rockaway at least two or three times every summer.  

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