In 2021, all moms could use a little extra love and celebration. This list is filled with the best gadgets and gear for her outdoor adventures and nature therapy. Snag a few items from this list to let mom know you love and appreciate how she held together the absolute ummmm (working on swearing less), we will just call it a ‘show’ that has been the last year.

Cozy Wool Socks A brand-new pair of wool socks to keep her feet warm during cold adventures or just around the house.  

A fun Buff— A headband, a neck gaiter, a face mask, a balaclava, hair tie…. a cute buff has a zillion uses and is a perfect mom accessory. (Hey kids, this one, I want this one!)

Petzl Tikka Headlamp– If she doesn’t already have a headlamp or hers is looking like the kids got their hands on it one too many times, this is a must-buy before summer camping adventures.

power bank charger

Portable Power Bank – Even while unplugging in the outdoors moms need access to a phone for GPS and emergencies and maybe even some tunes.

Osprey Day Pack – This day pack will hold the arsenal of gear mom hauls around to keep everyone fed, dry, warm and hydrated. This may not be a gift just for mom, but it’s an awesome bag and she will love it.

Yeti Tumbler– This travel coffee tumbler is a powerhouse keeping beverages hot all day long. Perfect for the busy mom who will be able to enjoy her coffee hot… whenever she gets to drink it!

Chacos– The most comfortable and supportive outdoor sandal for warm-weather exploring. Are they worth the price tag? Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Camp Lights– I FINALLY got these for Christmas this year after waiting years for them to arrive (because you know moms don’t buy things for themselves!) and i promise they add instant magic to a tent, yard, or even yurt.

Grid Foam Roller– Carrying around kids and all of their gear does a number on mom’s muscles. This trigger point foam roller is a real treat on those aching muscles.

Patagonia Fleece Pull-Over– Spring is here and summer is not far behind, but the nights are still pretty cool in our neck of the woods and if they are for you too, keep mom warm while also looking stylish. We are suckers for anything Patagonia and this pull-over is so darn cozy!

Fjallraven Pack– Cute and stylish as well as functional. This sturdy bag can serve as a cute diaper bag or a ‘just for mom’ bag.

A great sweater A practical mom isn’t going to splurge on a cute and trendy sweater. This functional and adorable top makes a great gift. (Hey kids— and by kids I mean Mike, mom really wants this one!)

A cute travel tote This tote is perfectly sized (10.5 inches x 5 inches by 5 inches) for organizing “stuff”. It can hold a week’s worth of toiletries and first aid kit OR camp kitchen utensils, spices, and coffee packets! Ditch the plastic bags and give mom this cute and eco-friendly bag. Think packing cube for adventures.

Wool Camp blanket A splurge for mom, this cozy wool blanket will keep mom warm on cool spring and summer nights, in the tent, cabin, by the firepit or even curled up on the couch.

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