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Back to School and Cutting Back on Screen Time

If your back-to-school plans include a shake-up of routine and getting back to a new normal, you are not alone. We aren’t fully back with new waves of the pandemic, but there seems to be a buzz and desire for something resembling normal and at least a fresh routine.

A theme among our friends has been the desire to cut back on screen time in the new normal. If you have followed our family over on @fivepax social media for a while you know, we are all about that screen-free life. Our kids watch cartoons on weekend mornings while we prep for adventures. And on a rare afternoon when the parents need to get some work done. We have had a million things in our favor (kiddo with screen anxiety to start) but we have also made a lot of intentional decisions.

But let’s be real, it’s hard. Here are 5 strategies to help your family cut back on screen time that doesn’t feel like a dreaded punishment for everyone or anyone. These tips will leave you feeling confident on how to limit screen time for kids and setting everyone up for a successful school year. 

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